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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I come to Belize to Live?

Answer: For part -time living, just arrive with a valid passport. When you arrive, your passport will be stamped (your visitor's visa) allowing you to stay for a month. If you wish to stay longer, visit the nearest immigration office near you and they will stamp your passport, which is good for another thirty days. Cost is US$ 12.50 per month for the first 6 months.
After you've been here for one year you qualify to apply for 'Permanent Residency', which is equivalent to having a 'Green Card' (US), or of being a 'Landed Immigrant'(Canada).

Question: Are there any programs in Belize for foreigners?
Answer: There is a RETIREMENT PROGRAM IN BELIZE. Visit - Retiring in Belize.

Question: What about animals?
Answer: YES. You will need to carry with you all health certificate and proff of shots that the animals has received. You may bring them via air or road once you have the necessary health documents..

Question: Will I pay duty on things I want to bring in the country?
Answer: If you are not under the Retirement Program in Belize you may be asked to pay duty on your goods. We will be able to find you an excellent custom Broker for you to work with here in Belize.

Question: Do we need insurance?
Answer: Insurance is available here through several companies such as the Insurance Company of Belize, Regent Insurance and a few others. You may insure your Home, boat, car, business and yourself once in the country. Note that Belize also offers some very good Health Insurance Programs.

Question: Can my kids go to school?
Answer: Both Public and Private institutions are available. They vary with prices and are always open for new students of all ages.

Question: Cell Phone Access?
Answer: Our telecomunication systems are very reliable. Our cell phones use sim cards and as a result once your cell phone is unlocked from the United States it will work in Belize. Also American Phone cell phone companies provide roaming that works very well in Belize; however, it is rather costly.



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