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Need a Web site for your Company?

You came to the Right Place.

Web Site Creation

Web Developers: Steve Perera and Ian Perera

1) http://www.buy-belize.com
2) http://www.cavetubinginbelize.com
3) http://www.lawjamaica.com
4) http://www.e-ventures.net
6) http://www.goncura.com
7) http://www.propertyandlaw.com
8) http://www.kodlaw.com
9) http://www.worellhall.com
10) http://www.buyinbarbados.com
11) http://www.roderley.com
12) http://www.albertfiadjoe.com
13) http://www.montbrunrealty.com
14) http://www.belizexotic.com
15) http://www.elretreat.com
Just to name a few ....






24/7 Support
250 Megs Space
Unlimited Transfers
Large and Small Sites
FTP Fast Uploading

My Name is Estevan Alejandro Perera. My cousin and I are the developers, designers and hosters for the web sites listed above.

What I need from you:
- Lots of Pictures (the best of your company both staff and buildings)
- If needed we can take the photos. ( and get your OK on it)
- Send me visuals of your ads, and logo (if you have one).

My address is:
P.O Box 2276
2.5 Miles Western Hwy
Belize City, Belize

The Process:

- We get receive the packet with the photos, brochures etc.
- We exchange emails - exchanging ideas.
- We discuss appearances and I place a demo site on the internet for you to see until we have it perfect.

For Costs:

A) Call Us for this information: 604-3078 or 222-4190.

B) Lowest Price in Belize Guaranteed.

We will be able to discuss the Setup Cost at any time.

C) Domain Names cost - www.yahoo.com etc
- The Name costs: It costs $9 usd a year for the name.

D) When We build a site, we don't just leave it there, we continue to assist you to develop the site and add new content as the months go by. You will be able to contact us via phone or email or fax and we are readily available to serve your needs.

Contact me anytime

Steve Perera Email




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Any questions or suggestion. Please Contact us.
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Telephone Number: 501 (Belize) 222 4190 (Belize)
Cell Number: 501 (Belize) 620 1992 or 604 3078
Address: P.O.Box 2276, 2.5 Miles Western Hwy, Belize City, Belize
Email: Steveperera@gmail.com or Click Here

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