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Formation of Companies in Belize

Requirement for the creation of a Local Corporation in Belize
(Chp 250 Companies Act of Belize)

General Information

The formation of a local company in Belize is very easy and available to both locals and internationals. It is considered by many as the first step to obtaining a Belizean citizenship.

Owners and Directors of the local company will be considered as investors and as such are able to obtain thier work permit and in a years time acquire Belizean Residence. After 5 years of acquiring a Belizean Residence, one can apply for Belizean Citizenship.

Documents Needed

a) A unique name for the company. The name must end in Ltd. or Limited

b) Two Directors (minimum) along with the necessary contact information ( names, addresses, professions)

c) Two Shareholders (minimum) along with their percentage of shares to be allocated to them.

d) Share Capital ($10,000 Bz at $1.00 bz a share) (This Capital is not required to be paid)

e) Subscribers (will be provided at a later date)

f) Photocopies of the Passport Page with the photo image. (For both Directors and Shareholders)

g) Indicate who will be the President, Secretary, Chairman, Treasurer, General Manager etc.

(If shareholders are unable to travel to Belize and company is required urgently,
special arrangements can be made to accommodate this situation)



The cost is USD$600 plus USD$300 in government fees.

Payment Methond

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Bank Drafts for payment of our services.



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