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The Toledo District is one of the most beautiful untouched areas of the country of Belize. The properties in this area are known for its thick vegetation and wild life. These properties area almost always situated next to a river, ocean front, or small creek. There are a few hiking trails located in the Toledo District as well as a few small resorts. It is easier and more affordable to purchase large tracts (acreage) of Pristine (untouched) Properties in this area of the Country.

This area of the country is filled with high mountains, dense jungles, and blue Caribbean Ocean. The capital of this garden of eden is known as Punta Gorda. The wonders found in this exotic area of the country provides a revolutionized meaning to the words "Mother Nature's Best Kept Secret."

Attractions and amenities of Toledo District include:

a) Maya Drink of Kukuh
b) Cacao Trail through the Maya Villages
c) Ancient Site of Lubaantun
d) Nim Li Punit Mayan Site
e) Uxbenka Mayan Site
f) Garinagu Culture
g) 495 Species of Birds of Belize found in this area.



Toledo - Punta Gorda

Downtown Punta Gorda
Small Home

Small Home in Punta Gorda
Punta Gorda Creek

A Small River Creek
Punta Gorda Properties

Punta Gorda Vegetation
Orange Trees Punta Gorda

Orange Tress in Punta Gorda
Punta Gorda Entrance

Punta Gorda Entrance
Punta Gorda Ocean Front

Ocean Front Punta Gorda
Punta Gorda Real Estate

Down Town Punta Gorda
Stann Creek Hills

Beautiful, Breath Taking Hills in Punta Gorda
No Enter Belize

Punta Gorda Market Area
Punta Gorda Homes

Punta Gorda Buildings
Punta Gorda Old Church

Punta Gorda Old Church

Punta Gorda Unpaved Roads

Punta Gorda Off Road Areas
Punta Gorda Roads

Beautiful Scenery - Punta Gorda