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Investment Opportunities and Businesses for Sale


Considering Investing in Belize, in the Caribbean, in our beautiful islands or in our Exquisite Mainland ?


Give us a call and have our experienced investors speak with you concerning present investment opportunities in Belize. Our company presently has available to its investing clients, residential housing, warehouse spaces, apartment buildings, office spaces, and vehicles.


New Parasailing Business in San Pedro Town - Available for Purchase

Status: Available

Company Overview

Small Business

Presenting the only Parasailing business in the entire country of Belize for SALE. The business is selling with the following:

1) Business Name
2) Parasail Boat
3) 6 Mini Speed Boats + moulds to make additional speed boats
4) Red Skiff
5) Banana Boat (6 persons)
6) Website
7) Parasail Equipment (Brand new $15,000 USD)
8) Two excellent location in San Pedro (Exotic Cayes + Banana Bay)

The business has great potential and will be a great asset to anyone looking for a business in Belize as it is the ONLY parasailing business. This parasailing also has the potential of generating additional income as acting as advertisments.

Asking price of $150,000 USD

Serious Inquires: Call 605-9994


New Jungle Resort with River

Available for purchase

Company Overview

Medium to Large Business

Beautiful 47 Acres of land with a full working Resort (Including restaurant) and 5 buildings. This beautiful property has 4 waterfalls and rivers flowing through the property. This is an eco friendly resort that is available for sale. The resort is located in a National Park and has all the attraction that a jungle resort should bring.

The National Park comprises of 7,100 Acres and is only 4 miles off the main Southern Highway. The resort sits next to a Bocawina Adventures who offers Ziplining and waterfall repelling to all of the visitors of the resort.

The resorts run on hydro power that is already connected.

Asking price of $750,000 USD

E-mail us at buybelize@gmail.com or call us at 605-9994 for additional information


New Municipal Airplane Company

Status: Sold


Company Overview

Small Business.

Call for Information.



New Investment Oppurtunity - Dive Shop / Company for Sale

Inauguration of Project Construction: 2000


Company Overview

Nice Dive Shop Investment Available.

Equipments: Over 30 Dive Sets Included.

Peer: Presently this is the only dock available for sale in the location. Very Expensive boat peer.

Boats: Boats Included.

More Information: Click here to see the photos of the business.


Price: 150,000 USD


New Investment Oppurtunity - Restaurtant - For Lease

Inauguration of Project Construction: Completed


Company Overview

Great Restaurant / Fast Food Opportunity

Equipments: Stoves, Deep Fyers, Pots, Refrigerators, Deep Freeze, Hot dog machines, warmers, etc

Location: Excellent Business Location.

More Information: email us


Price: 600 usd (monthly) Negotiable


Recreational Animal Park

Inauguration of Project Construction: 2005

Completion of Project Construction: November 2005

Park Grand Opening - January 2006

Company Overview

In 2006, Belizeans will be astonished by the most recent tourist attraction present in the country. This project will not only be a great addition to the Belize Zoo but will pride itself as being a unique eco-toursit destination for Belize. The park will be a major educational and research center for schools and universities in Belize and worldwide. The park will specialize in exhibits of reptiles, amphibians and freshwater fish of Belize.

Presently shares are being sold at a discounted value so as to facilitate the continued construction of the park and its associated amenities.

The major share holders have already invested over $150,000 bz into the project and have already acquired the necessary land area. The very location of the site is located in the Capital city of Belize and is perfect for a project of said type. It has within its compound, a natural spring (enough to supply the park with its water supply), a few natural ponds, and a large array of trees and animals living in their natural habitat.

There are a total of 5,500 shares being offered for sale. The shares are being sold in equal increments of 100 at a present discounted rate of 20%.

This is a great opportunity for investors in Belize or living abroad to enter into a financially promissing and feasable project - a project spearheaded by two very erudite individuals who have exceptional experience in the working in the tourism industry of belize for over 20yrs.

If interested in the project please contact me at 604 3078, and ask for Steve Perera


Tourism Hub in Cayo located in Benque.

Inauguration of Project Construction: 2005


Company Overview

LOCATION OF THE BUILDING; George Price BLvd Benuqe Viejo, Belize C.A.


Lease rental.
There is a natural one side ventilated basement and ceiling fans size 52
ft x 90 feet aprox. (4600sq) with batrooms (male&female)included and all
its finishings (new). good for casino, concerts, discoteque or storage.
US$0.25/s.q. as it is which a total of US$1,150.00. Clients does the
upgrading for his purpose.

It's a ferroconcrete building with double block walls (16 inches thick for
acoustic and three access. The main access has 16feet wide steel rolling
door and two standard doors to exit.

The building is furnished, and is complete with all amenities.

Asking Price: $2750.00 USD (per month)

or $3,500.00 USD (per month) fully air conditioned


This Property is Readily Available for the start of any New Company that is necessitated near the Benque Area / Border


Club / Disco / Bar - Cabana and Jungle Theme.

Inauguration of Project Construction: 2008


Company Overview

The Company has been in its planning and developing stage for the past few years. The developers have been gathering statistics concerning the profitability of a new club in the country and have found it to be very promising.

Guatemalan Architects are presently completing the designs for the clubs in a step by step process - available through 3D Viewing on site.

The land, warehouse storage, and construction materials are available.

Presently the company is seeking out intersted individuals who wish to enter into a joint venture in opening Club Jungle. Property available at 2.5 Miles Western Highway - 3 acres. Filled and large for huge Restaurant, Theme Club, Cabanas , Night Life Resort.

10 Investors are being sought. Incremental Shares of $20,000 Bz each.

4 Investor spots remaining


Amusement Theme Park.

Inauguration of Project Construction: 2008


Company Overview

The first and largest amusement park to be constructed in Belize.

Location: Not mentioned due to owners request

Detials: Not mentioned due to owners request.

Serious Inquiries Only.

Call: (501) 604 3078


Concerning Auto Repair

Inauguration of Project Construction: 2005 October - Ready for Leasing


Company Overview

Small investment with large returns - Sure Business Available.

Concerning Repairing of Auto Parts. Details not to be mentioned until machines arrive from turkey.

Location: Western Hwy, Belize City, Belize

Detials: Not mentioned due to owners request.

Serious Inquiries Only.

Call: (501) 604 3078


Large Safe, Guarded Development Living Area, Western Highway

Inauguration of Project Construction: 2005 December


Company Overview

Large Construction soon to Begin.

Fenced and Guarded Area - Residential Area out of the city. Development of over 2,000 Available lots on the Western Highway. Very Safe Location large Property fenced off by sections. Over 40 Acres available from road to lagoon.

360 Lots available at $10,000 usd and up.

Needed: Investors with knowlege concerning Subdivisions, Land foundations, and plotting, Development of infrastructure, and an architect.

Location: Not mentioned due to owners request

Detials: Not mentioned due to owners request.

Serious Inquiries Only.

Call: (501) 604 3078


Mundo Maya Hub

Inauguration of Project Construction: 2005 December


Company Overview

Our suggestion is that we are willing to serve as an essential hub for tours/hotel by leasing
up to three floor of 6800 sq ft building each as per plans.

Our offer furnished for US$3800.00/mth without air condition or
US$4,800.00/ month with A.C. is further relevant and our place can serve
anyone not only for an essential hub to western Belize and Peten-Guatemala
for ecotourism but for a contingency scheme for any group tours on the area
of beaches in Belize and Maya Ruins. Since it is at half mile of the soon
new free Zone and down town Benque Viejo del Carmen, it can serve in
logistically for any business within that range of activity. A government
concesion can also be sorted out.

There are two options for lease:- one for hotel which is as the price above
and one for apartments which is 10% more than the price above or if you
suggest another option. The foundation structure can withstand 7 floors and
a penthouse, 2 floors already built. We are leasing up to five floor
levels. The cellar could be for casino or discothèque, which is now
available. The street level has been rented for supermarket and restaurant
and as per plan. The lease is for 10, 15 or 20 years with 5 years payments
in advanced and the rest distributed evenly per month at a fix rental
price. A floor will be delivered in 8 months or one year per two levels.

All the remaining floor flat (less first floor) can be bought upright at
US$ 680,000.00 with a 50% down payment (negotiable) and the rest when
delivering the floor flat or by financing. The street levels and first
floor will remain as L & M Services Ltd property and the land due to
commercial expansion on gift shops pharmacy, fast food etc.


We also have availble for sale several Restaurants, Hotels, and Diving Operations around the Country of Belize.


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Any questions or suggestion. Please Contact us.
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